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Turnip's: The Flies Fence for Collabor88

I was invited to be a guest this month in Collabor88, the theme was "classic novels" so I drew inspiration from "Lord of the Flies", a novel by William Golding.  There are a lot of really awesome things out right now at Collabor88 so if you haven't been yet you should definitely go!

Turnip's: The Flies Fence
Key Features;
-3 prims
-6 wood variations included in every package
-7 packages available(blue tipped, red tipped, teal tipped, purple tipped, orange tipped, green tipped and natural)
-Each pack is only 88L through until end of February!
-Ropes change texture on touch
-permissions are yes copy, yes modify, no transfer.
click here to teleport to Collabor88

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